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     To hold space and assist those with chronic pain, tension or stress -   our specialty is in providing signature treatments custom designed to meet your therapeutic goals. The most luxurious, effective, and powerful deep tissue massage, Barefoot Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy blends fluidly with Traditional and Dynamic Thai Yoga massage, infused with Universal Life Force Reiki Energy to stimulate and facilitate the natural healing process of your body, today. 

   Let the HEELing begin


     Leilah Jozdani LMT, owner of Barefoot Fusion Bodywork LLC, unites her natural intuitive ability with 10 years of massage experience to weave mindful, holistic-based bodywork tailored specifically for each client and session. Her intention is to create a safe sacred space where freedom from pain, suffering and stored trauma can be healed and released. As a a yogi and musician, who has overcome the debilitating effects of injury, chronic pain and PTSD, she empathetically applies this same level of focus and dedication to deliver effective signature, revitalizing treatments. 


A 2014 graduate from European Massage Therapy School, she is fully licensed and AMTA insured (American Massage Therapy Association) massage therapist located in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a Second Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner and an advanced Thai Yoga massage therapist. Leilah has worked alongside and as an instructor to the local Thai community since 2015, working in high volume Thai spa's, performing Table Thai and Barefoot Massage (Thai massage adapted to the table using overhead bars, blended with Western modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Therapy). In 2017, she travelled to Thailand to further her studies in Traditional Thai Massage (floor/mat-based bodywork) at Blue Garden Chiang Mai with Master Remco and at Pai Massage and Training with Mr. Bann and Joy. 

Leilah is an advanced certified Deep Feet Ashiatsu practitioner, trained in Ruthee Hardee's Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy along with Chi Nei Tsnag (Thai Abdominal Massage), Reflexology, Thai Herbal Compress/Poultice Massage, Aromatherapy, Gua Sha and Cupping. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, studying with the world-renowned instructor, Brett Larkin. 

LMT NVMT. 7443

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Please text/call or email with any questions

(702) 788 - 1563 
Same day appointments are rarely available, please book in advance. 
By Appointment Only I No walk-ins

A transformational medley of chakra balancing, body scanning, aromatherapy, sound and Reiki energy healing. Transcendental celestial vibrations from Tibetan Singing Bowls, and the Gong are married with ancient, sensory rich, energy-lifting plant medicine. Harmonize and cleanse with customized blend of high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils and a smudging ritual performed with Palo Santo or Sage.



Most popular for its holistic approach, each session is specifically customized - bringing vitality, alignment, freedom, and ease back into the living physical matrix.  East and West blend together in this tailored therapeutic treatment, incorporating elements from Reiki, Swedish, Hot Stone Therapy, Thai Yoga massage and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Barefoot massage (which includes elements of compression, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release).



An ancient healing system that originated some 2,500 years ago. It’s creation has been credited to the ‘Father of Thai Medicine’, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician and friend to the Buddha. Rooted in a holistic, energy flow and balance theory of health and wellness, with origins in Ayurveda Indian massage, Tui Na Chinese massage, and Japanese Shiatsu.  Referred to as lazy man’s yoga, it's a unique synthesis of compression, acupressure, yoga assisted stretching, energy balancing, joint-mobilization and optional back walking making it the ultimate sports massage. Performed in loose comfortable clothes, mat-based. 



Stiff neck, achy low back, knots in your shoulders that never let up? Especially helpful to bring relief to those suffering from chronic pain, tension or injury, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and surrounding connective tissue or fascia. Myofascial release, slow, methodic and deep luxurious gliding compression is used to address acute/chronic tension holding patterns and adhesions within the body, caused by overuse or injury. The ultimate Deep Tissue done entirely with the broad tools of soft barefeet - without the pain of sharp elbows.



Every additional 30mins added to your session is +$75 for incall and outcall.


In Studio: $150/60mins


Mobile Massage: Same as in studio, +$50 for travel.


Mobile Massage by Leilah: 90mins min. required for outcall, $400

(+$100min. if you are staying in a hotel or destination exceeds an hour of travel)

Ask about discounts and equipment.


If you are outside of Las Vegas, please contact for more information.

Our specialty is focused, intentional and SLOW bodywork coming from a myofascial approach. In a fast paced world, we provide a methodical, intuitive and unhurried style of bodywork so that you may fully unwind, release and dissolve any tension and stress within your body and mind - while DEEPLY calming and restoring your nervous system to a state of harmony.


The effects are nothing short of profound and is one of the most impactful ways to address self-care and promote longevity. Performers, musicians, dancers, athletes, office workers, business men and women - are a few of the many clients we see that have greatly improved their quality of life, recovery time, and stamina.

One hour is not sufficient time for full body treatment and thus only a few areas of concern will be addressed. The most effective and favorited session length is 2-3 hours for a thorough and complete recalibration. 


A complimentary Sound Bath at the end of your treatment will be provided upon request or permission for sessions beyond 90mins.


Same day appointments are rarely available, booking in advanced is advised. 

         (702) 788 -1563 

         Las Vegas, NV 89147

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