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Who likes to get ghosted? No-shows blow. It leaves me hanging and fills a slot that someone else would have appreciated. Because your time and mine are important, I have a strict no-show policy. You will be charged the full amount for your missed appointment.

Late Arrivals

Be mindful of your appointment time to accommodate those that follow yours. Out of respect and consideration to yourself and others, please plan accordingly and be prompt. You don't need to arrive early but expect the first 5-10 minutes to be dedicated to the intake process. If you arrive 30 minutes past the scheduled appointment time, regardless of the length of the treatment actually given (which will be 30 minutes less), the full amount for the session that was originally booked will still be due.

Cancellation Policy

A 24HR advanced notice is required if cancelling an appointment. Doing this allows other clients to keep their allotted appointment on time or for others the opportunity to schedule a session. Due to the current state of affairs however, if you are feeling unwell or have an emergency and are unable to give a 24 hour Advance Notice, reach out to me ASAP and I will waive the fee the first time it happens. If it happens again, the full amount of your appointment will be charged.


I accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle and bartering. Tips are always appreciated but never expected. The best tip is your repeat business, referrals and glowing reviews.


The first 5-10 minutes (on average) will consist of the interview process where I will discuss your current symptoms and any pertinent medical history. This is important so that I can custom design a treatment plan that best fits your needs/goals but also gives me the information I need to avoid any areas that may be exacerbated or prone to injury.


Massage can be adapted for all manners of dress (fully dressed or nude) – so you are welcome to undress solely to your comfort level. Bear in mind that if you do decide to keep your undergarments on, (silkies for men or thongs for women are the easiest to work around while boxer briefs are the hardest) doing so will limit the application of techniques that can be quite useful in treating issues related to the low back, hamstring and glutes. With proper draping, your privacy will be respected no matter what you decide. With Ashiatsu, it is easier to perform long fluid strokes with minimal draping and without the interruption of undergarments, but as always - it’s your session and whatever makes you feel most comfortable is best. Be sure to remove any remaining jewelry or wrist watches (wedding bands may be left on).


is a natural physiological effect of touch and the body’s entry into deeper states of relaxation. Oftentimes it will subside relatively quickly. It is a good thing that your body is able to fully relax as this is where the magic happens; it is in these deeper states of consciousness where the Parasympathetic Nervous System kicks in and things like cellular regeneration and the body’s natural healing process are stimulated.  The only area that I pay attention to is the area that I am treating. If you feel uncomfortable and would prefer an extra blanket, to turn over or even to step away to the bathroom - just let me know.


After your treatment, drink plenty of water for the next 24 hours to help take the load off your kidneys. Because of the increase in circulation of blood and lymph, there will be a higher concentration of toxins being flushed out and drinking more water will help your body to detoxify. Try to take it easy the rest of the day and let yourself slow down while your body uses this time to heal. Don’t hesitate to take a nap afterwards if you feel called to do so – it will help your body better assimilate the structural changes that are happening. If you must be active or exercise, be sure to do so at a reduced level of intensity and with plenty of caution and  mindfulness. Ashiatsu is a deep compressive form of bodywork and for the first 24-32 hours afterwards, the chance of injury due to relaxed joints and tissue is higher.

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